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The Indian cricket team captain recently adopted veganism in October. He went through a major fitness transformation after deciding to steer away from animal-based products. He even admitted that the change in his food habit has improved his game.. Read more

Lewis Hamilton has been vegan since 2017. His motivations were clear: he wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle, boycott animal cruelty and avoid damaging the planet. He moved onto veganism after being a pescatarian for many years. Read more

Serena Williams is one of the most successful tennis players of all time, having won no fewer than 23 Grand Slam singles titles and 14 Grand Slam doubles titles. She’s not the only vegan in her family either. Sister Venus also subscribes to the lifestyle.Read more

He’s been a vegan since back in 2017 and chose the diet after his girlfriend suggested it to him. One of his favorites is spinach, kale and nettle smoothies. He credits the diet in part with the fact that he still feels good at the end of games.Read more

Hannah Teter is a snowboarder with an Olympic gold medal, as well as six World Cup victories. Teter became vegetarian after watching the film Earthlings and then made the switch over to being vegan. She states that her diet has allowed her to go to a “whole other level” – something that every sportsperson would want.Read more

Nate has been a vegan since he was 18, meaning that he’s stuck to the diet for 16 years now. If ever anyone ever needed proof that vegans can still compete in such physical sports, Nate Diaz is it.

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The most prominent vegan WWE wrestler is Daniel Bryan, who has risen to the top of the sports entertainment industry. At one point, his character even introduced a vegan WWE Championship belt! Read more

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