• Violence-Free World Organization’ in the symbolic organization. No paper, no formality.
  • The only requirements to become a member:
  • a) Meat abstinence 
  • b) Daily task for just one minute to pray to God ……” to make the world free of violence “
  • Please Join and invite others by providing your details below. Many established religions view “prayer” as powerful tool in healing a wide range of physical, mental or spiritual challenges. Taking into consideration, the immense power of prayers, a compassionate institute HINSA-MUKT VISHVA (Violence-Free World) has taken shape to pray for the innocent and helpless animals from violent treatments /atrocities with the power of combined prayers of millions of humans all over the world.
  • No financial contribution required. Please contribute your bit to this revolutionary thought process by joining and motivating others to join. Your small resolution might save an innocent life thousands of miles away. To make violence-free world, your small resolution for non-violence will go long way.

We encourage people in all walks of life to discover their innate capacity for nonviolence and to cultivate its power for the long-term transformation of themselves and the world, focusing on the root causes of dehumanization and ultimately all forms of violence