What does the scripture say?

योडहिंसकानि भूतानि हिनस्त्यात्म सुखेच्छया |
स जीवश्य मृतश्चैव न किंचित्सुखमेधते ||
A person who kills non-violent animals for his own Happiness does not get happiness in this life, not even in the next life.
अनुमंताविशसिता , निहंताक्रयविक्रयी|
संस्कर्ता चौपहर्ता च खादक्वश्चेतिघातका:||
These eight types of human beings are those who permit killing, those who dismember the slain, those who kill, those who permit meat, those who cut the slain into pieces, those who kill, those who buy and sell meat, those who serve (sell) or bring it, and those who eat meat. Calculations are done in exponents only.
तुंठा न मंदराओ आगासाओ विसालयं नत्थि |
जह तह जयंमि जाणसु धम्ममहिंसासमं नत्थि ||
Devotee Result:– Just as there is no equal from Meruparvat to nothing, so there is no other religion in non-violence.
खह ते न पिअं दुखं जाणीअ एमेव सव्वजीयाणं |
सव्वायर मुवउत्तो अत्तोवम्मेण कुणसु दयं||
Devotee Parita: Just as you do not (like) suffering, all the living beings in the world, big and small, do not like suffering, so imagine yourself in the place of another living being, show mercy to others as you wish. .
सुरामत्स्या मधुमांस- मासवं कृसरौदनम् ।
धुर्तै : प्रवर्तितं ह्येत-न्नैतद् वेदेषु कल्पितम् ।।
Meaning:- Alcohol, fish and animal meat and sacrifice of bisexuals have been practiced in Yajna by Adi Dhurtas (false men). Nowhere in Vedas is the statement of meat. It means making a goat and has acted contrary to Vedic religion.)Such sacrifices stop sin instead of virtue.