The core values of Islam constitute the foundation of nonviolent action in the tradition. Allah abhors violent activity. 

A study of the Quran and Sunnah (sayings and deeds of the Prophet) tells us that Islam is a religion which teaches nonviolence. According to the Quran, Allah does not approve violence (fasad). We learn from the Quran that fasad is that action which results in disruption of the social system, causing losses in terms of lives and property. This shows that Allah espouses non-violence.

What Scriptures Speak

God grants to rifq (gentleness) what He does not grant to anf (violence).
Abu Dawud, 4/255
The Prophet Muhammad followed the principle of peaceful activism throughout his life. He always adopted non-violent methods in preference to violent methods. It is this policy which was referred to by Aishah, the Prophet’s wife, in these words: “Whenever the Prophet had to opt for one of two ways, he almost always opted for the easier one.”
Fath ul-Bari, 6/654

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