In the present times we can see that many  voices have gripped mankind like violence,cruelty towards animals, non-vegetarian food,liquor,etc.

Every year 15000 Crore innocent creatures,Trillions of hens, Lakhs of cows and many Lakh Tons  of fishes are killed, why? Do these innocent creatures not have the right to live? Can’t we humans ,animals,birds all live together in harmony with a feeling of oneness among us? Don’t we all have an equal right to live on earth?

Nonviolence is a backbone of all religions. In depth of Nonviolence principles,  the emotional violence is more dangerous than the physical violence.Many scientist   and WHO have also accepted that if the mankind had showed some compassion and pity  towards the speechless creatures  than we may not have faced the pandemic like CORONA ,SWINE FLU,PLAGUE etc.

          “Violence Free World ”is a global campaign, started with the inspiration and thinking of the revered Acharya Bhagwant Shri Hemchandrasuri. The main reason behind this campaign is the increasing cruelty and cruelty to animals and humans around the world.Many established religions view “prayer” as a powerful tool for healing physical, mental, or spiritual challenges.Given the immense power of prayer, this compassionate movement (Violence Free World) is to pray for innocent and helpless animals to be saved from violent suffering / atrocities, with the combined power of millions of prayers around the world at the center.

                     In which there is an excellent idea and inspiration to lead the world on the path of non-violence by freeing the whole world from violence through our collective effort and through the prayer of God.Through this campaign, we are constantly trying to create compassion in every creature, gradually remove the value of violent instincts in their lives and spread the value of compassion.In a way, this is also a big work for Jivadaya.

The following website has been designed in English, Hindi and Gujarati languages ​​for this awareness campaign. Formal information on joining this ideological campaign can be found on the website.

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This website is inspired by non-violence, compassion, and shows many examples of spreading the message of love and non-violence independent of any religion.Provides information on various everyday issues.Research on the global warming caused by carnivores, or the short-term and long-term effects on human physical / mental health, etc., is posted on the website.It also covers articles, stories / stories, motivational videos, events, or episodes from leading celebrities who have embraced and promoted vegetarianism, promoting messages of compassion for humans and animals, birds.Examples of speaking or thinking in a 1 minute prayer, audio / video are also required.

            Has also created a mobile application for a violence-free world using technology, which reminds you to pray at scheduled times and provides new information for non-violence and compassion.

Scan the QR code below to download the mobile app.

Ideological Campaign Main Objectives:

  1. Propagate the “live and let live” philosophy.

  2. “Violence is the root cause of all suffering in the world, and non-violence is the path to peace, happiness and harmony,” he said.

  3. Realize the power of prayer and connect more people to millions and millions of people around the world to build the invisible power of prayer.

  4. To bring together a team of active volunteers from around the world to raise awareness on the subject.Increase collaboration among activists, bloggers, and researchers to find and publish facts on climate change (global warming), social and economic measures, and the global impact on human physical / mental health due to violence.

  5. With this campaign, the cells that are far away from us are constantly engaged in violent activity. For them, we put various social media activities like video, photo, blog, story, inspirational ideas, different mediums and articles that inspire them non-violence on the website.

  6. Promoting information, website, mobile app, logo, banner, prayer of a violence free world (using traditional or digital marketing),To take this ideological campaign forward on a global level and strive to create auspicious prices for the lives of thousands / millions of human beings and for the benefit of millions / billions of small / large creatures.

Economic Cooperation Scheme

“Violence Free World” campaign to reach out to more and more people, update, maintenance, new creative, photo, For videos, blogs, banners, social paid promotions etc. can be contributed so that this campaign continues without interruption and with the invaluable contribution of all of us.

Let’s be a partner of collective virtue in this global campaign (“Violence Free World”) and be instrumental in the peace and salvation of millions/crores of lives.

Update, Maintenance, New Creativity, Photo, “Violence Free World” Campaign Website ( or to reach and reach out to more and more people. Contribute as much as you can to videos, blogs, banners, social paid promotions, etc., so that this campaign can continue uninterrupted and with the invaluable contribution of our Sahu.

In this global campaign (“Violence Free World”) let us become partners of collective virtue and be instrumental for the peace and prosperity of millions / crores of beings.

A pillar of non-violence

Ahimsa Shiromani

Ahimsa Sutradhar

Ahimsa Anumodak

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+91 9558819097  or  +91 7043172287

for more information and details about payment. 

Where economic cooperation will be used

Violence Free World Website, Mobile App Design, Maintenance, Information Research, Hosting

Design, print and display banners of the Violence Free World in different organizations and associations. Large-scale holding for a violence-free world – built for life-giving inspiration.

Different social media activities such as video, photo, blog, story, inspirational ideas, different media and articles that inspire non-violence.

To engage leading businessmen, politicians or celebrities (sports, recreation, science) who have a special interest in the practice of vegetarianism or non-violence, and through them to take the “violence free world” and the “power of prayer” to the youth generation.

Organizing various competitions on “Violence Free World” and giving away prizes and souvenirs.

To make souvenirs of the “Violence Free World” souvenirs and offer them to the right person, to inspire thousands / millions of people to join this ideological campaign.

Approval of financial donors

1.Beneficiaries of Ahimsa Aadhar Stambh and Ahimsa Shiromani will be named on the website for 10 years (of the organization or donor). Beneficiaries of Ahimsa Sutradhar for 6 months.

2.Whenever the banner of Violence Free World (VFW) is displayed in public, the pillar and non-violence Shiromani Datashri’s name will appear in the banner. (Up to 10 years)

3.In VFW’s mobile application, Ahimsa Aadhar Stambh and Ahimsa Shiromani (donor / organization). But will be moved for 10 years. Beneficiaries of Ahimsa Sutradhar for 3 months.

4.During the year, the creativity (design) of donor information on social promotions of VFW such as Facebook, Instagram will be posted four times.

5.The following set of items will be delivered to the donor from vfw as a form of approval.

VFW Donors

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