A Gangotri of prayer

A Gangotri of prayer

A Gangotri of prayer

Prayer is important for each and every religion. The entire Jayaviraya Sutra is known as the Prarthana Sutra. There are 13 types of prayer in this Sutra. These are not a demand but a prayer to the Lord. We did not Ask for “Give us” but we asked for “bless us”’. Apart from that, prayers have been said in many words. When these sutras are spoken, the real outcome of prayer is not found until the desired result is added in our tone-feeling, so it is like understanding the diligence for prayer in a special way.

Prayer is the Shout of heart.

Prayer is the shout of the Heart. It is more true if it is being done automatically instead of intensional praying. It is not like prayer is important only if you are surrounded by sorrow but Pray,even when you are rich with happiness. Because, you should neither be overwhelmed by happiness nor suffer with any other problems and even if you do, pray for maintaining peace in it. 

Prayer expands the heart and unites with the consciousness of the whole creation.

Prayer is not only to bring out the darkness of sorrow but also to bring the happiness that lies within the dawn. When the instinctive prayer is done, the heart cries out loud with tears in front of the lord. That is, prayer is the way to get lost in God.Such realization requires determination, labor, depth of inner soul. Sometimes it happens that in the blazing sun one finds a tree, in the middle of a deserted ladder one finds a few butterflies.In the darkness of the moon there is light,If a song is found in a lonely and indifferent evening, know that prayer is returned to fruitful result. And it seems that the subject, the thing, the person is involving more and more.

Vastupala-Tejapala used the verse ‘Anayasen Maran …’ as a prayer and Kumarapala Raja has also prayed through the verse ‘Jindharma Vinirmukto …’.

Even God has prayed to God even in such a happy and prosperous state and as a result he has got all the things that have been prayed with all inner souls.  We should also pray and demand by heart . Pray for ownself – Pray for others.

Prayer is Gangotri.

Prayer is Gangotri. From where the light of meditation, silence and soul is found.When the early morning prayer is said, pray for all the divine elements of the world that you have prayed for There is no other way to get it as well as it goes up in the atmosphere itself to meet you There you enter this spiritual temple only to attain real joy and peace that unite with all through prayer. Do not enter into it merely for the sake of worldly gain. God does not see the words but sees and hears the pure spirit of the mind.

He doesn’t care about very big meaningful verses. But he listens to the heart’s cry and sincere intense cry.

As one tries to keep the crying shade by giving his children delicious sweets and favorite toys And he himself gets away from the child in some work, and when the child throws away sweets or toys, he cries …Then Ma puts everything to work and comes running and takes her in her lap. God does the same thing. Man is given worldly pleasurable sweets and bungalow motor toys at certain points, man gets tired after playing with it. When he leaves everything and cries out in a mournful voice, God somehow comes to give him peace and makes him feel peace.

True prayer begins when words go into tears. Else listen to the music in the waves of the sea, listen to the sound of the wind coming from between the mountains, the peaks, listen to the murmur of the air between the leaves of the tree in the forest. Everything has to be accepted as a part of prayer.

The prayer should also be pure. It should not be confused at all. Clarity should be maintained. Make pure prayer something that results in real niceness.  

Lord! Like the wings of our conscience, no matter what you think, your desires are echoed in your heart.

Hey Nath! By your grace and by your greed,  our dark nights result in beautiful mornings and we depart from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. We want nothing more. Because you know and fulfill our needs before we are born.God, For just once only, we crave for your unity and blessings, it is like we got everything for us.

It is very important to pray with such a pure spirit or to pray for the whole world, including oneself. The more we understand and pray, the more we will benefit from prayer.